In 1980 we formed the company VILARGUS with the aim to promote architecture in a place with almost no references and where a house had had no concern with functionality, aesthetics or placing in its landscape.
For years, it was a constant struggle having sometimes the past diverse the requirements of our needs. With all of this, we set out our goal to be strict, modern and evolutionary by showing ideas and meditate on these ideas so that all the work we do is improved.
Today we present a company with a vast experience and a solid structure consisting of a interdisciplinary team, mature and capable to respond to any architectural exercises for example: houses, apartment buildings, tourist complexes, industrial buildings, commercial establishments, urban improvement and refurbish buildings.
We are prepared in this increasingly open to the horizons of future time.

  • Previous Study
  • Architecture Project
  • Interior Design
  • Landscape
  • Project Execution
  • Stability
  • Hydraulic Network (Network Building Water, Domestic Water Network, Network Water Rain)
  • Project Heat
  • Project Acoustics
  • Electrotechnical Project (Network Unifilar)
  • Luminotechnical Study
  • Gas Network
  • ITED Network
  • SCI (Fire Safety)
  • CCTV (Video Surveillance System)
  • Hydrological Study
  • Geotechnical Study
  • Home Automation Project
  • Self-Protection Measures
  • Emergency Plans
  • Topographical Survey
  • Measurement/Estimating
  • Supervision
  • Energy Label Certificate
  • Legalization/Regularization (IMI)
  • Print A2, A1, A0
  • Scan A2, A1, A0


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Where We Are

Intimately linked to the historical centre of the village of Arganil which has a specific identity, the company is privileged with the accesses leading to its head office at Largo Dr. José da Costa nº 2, in the Coimbra district, Portugal. We also highlight that our office is situated on the west side of the main square in front of the Arganil’s Council Building.